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Born and raised in Southern California, Bryan Phillips has explored different artistic avenues his whole life. From theater and comedy to illustration and graphic design, he could never settle. However, in 2016, Bryan found an online article about custom sneakers and it sparked an interest in him. Bryan then thought of a brilliant idea to create and gift his sneakerhead brother a pair of custom Nikes for Christmas. He decided to share his creation with the online sneaker community and received an enthusiastic and encouraging response overnight. It was crystal clear to Bryan that he found the perfect medium and there was no turning back.

Bryan is as curious as he is creative - he does an extensive amount of research for each of his pieces. He prides himself in making sure his creations feel inspired, shows passion, and identifies as authentic. At his core, Bryan is a performer and loves entertaining while educating viewers on the Angelus YouTube channel. At the end of the day, Bryan loves what he does and truly hopes it shows in his work.

You're most likely to find Bryan roaming Southern California at concert venues in DTLA, dive bars in Long Beach, or the local park playing basketball. He spends most of his free time reading comic books, watching cartoons and pro wrestling, and playing board games with friends. He loves his pet cat, Rigby, very much. 


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